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Coastal resources management

Study tour for local cadres and fishermen of Cam Pha city

29. 05. 2017 Coastal resources management

On May 24th 2017, MCD in cooperation with Cam Pha People’s Committee implemented a training on environmentally friendly aquaculture and organised a visit to the pilot model in Vung Vieng site of Ha Long Bay for local officials, businesses and fishermen of Cam Pha City.

Local cadres and fishermen of Cam Pha city were guided by aquaculture experts of the Quang Ninh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and learned new farming techniques that were successfully applied in reality. Besides that the participants shared with Van Chai cooperative representatives as well as aquaculture households in Vung Vieng about the experiences of implementing environmentally friendly aquaculture combined with responsible tourism.


A few active photos:


MCD staff introduced the project: Ha Long – Cat Ba Alliance and Vung Vieng aquaculture model


Representatives of Cam Pha fishermen share aquaculture situation in Cam Pha

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