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Surveying local community opinion to analyze their awareness, attitude and behavior about solid waste from river to sea

21. 09. 2023 Media

Within the project “Strategic Plastic Litter Abatement in the Song Hong” (SPLASH), with the technical guidance from Ocean Conservancy (OC), Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD) in collaboration with its local partners in Nam Dinh has conducted some public opinion surveys to identify and analyze the awareness, attitude and behavior of the riparian community in Nam Dinh province about solid waste from river to sea over the process of project implementation.

The 1st survey was carried out in 05 communes/wards along the Red River of Nam Dinh province in order to assess the baseline status. The result of this survey was used in the design and implementation of communications and knowledge dissemination activities throughout the project process.

In the final phase of the project, the 2nd public opinion survey was conducted during September 08-12, 2023 to identify changes in awareness, attitude and behavior of the riparian community in Nam Dinh province under the effect and impact of the project implementation.

The geographic areas for the 2nd survey were still the 05 wards/communes along the Red River of Nam Dinh province where the 1st survey had been conducted, including Tran Te Xuong, Vi Xuyen and Vi Hoang wards (of Nam Dinh city) and Dien Xa and Nam Thang communes (of Nam Truc district).

On September 8, 2023, MCD in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of Nam Dinh province organized a stakeholder meeting of relevant local partners and collaborators to discuss and agree on the survey content and plan, to train and guide the selected local collaborators for becoming capable to co-conduct the survey with the project team. The meeting was attended by more than 45 participants, including representatives of the People’s Committees of the 5 surveyed wards/communes and 30 local collaborators. After the meeting, local collaborators fully understood the survey methods, tools, survey forms/questionnaires and practiced directly on the online survey form under the guidance of MCD staffs.

During the following days of September 09-12, 2023, the project team and the local collaborators co-conducted the public opinion survey in accordance with the agreed content and plan. The survey respondents are permanent residents in 05 wards/communes, at least 18 years of age and fluent in Vietnamese language. Survey respondents’ information was encrypted to ensure their privacy. The survey recorded the participation of 666 respondents and contributed to strengthening the capacity of 30 local collaborators. Besides, the local communities had more opportunities to interact and strengthen connections with the project implementation team. The results of this survey contributes data and information to the implementation of action plans of Vietnam and Nam Dinh province on marine plastic waste management.

Training local collaborators about public opinion survey at DONRE Nam Dinh province

Working with respondent in Dien Xa commune

Working with respondent in Nam Thang commune

Working with respondent in Tran Te Xuong ward

Working with respondent in Vi Hoang ward

Working with respondent in Vi Xuyen ward

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