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Coastal resources management

Coastal Resources Management

14. 08. 2013 Coastal resources management

In the field of coastal resource management, Center for Marine life conservation and Community development (MCD) focuses on goals of building, developing and implementing  essential and social activities about natural resource and coastal environment  management; and promoting to apply integrated coastal zone management approach at all levels, especially at the local level about climate change adaptation and disaster risks management.

The main concepts of coastal resource management of MCD include:

  • Promoting to apply advance approach in coastal resources management.
  1. Researching about policies, strategies and plans for coastal resources and environment management in Vietnam and domestic and foreign models of coastal resources management as base and orientation to build and develop goals, strategies, and plans to manage coastal resources and environment.
  2. Planning and implementing activities to support the local government at all levels and coastal communities to strengthen the efficiency of coastal resources and management, and to apply integrated coastal zone management approach and other related management tools such as biosphere reserves, marine conservation zone, economy and society modeling, marine spatial planning, co-management, etc.
  3. Building, developing and implementing goals, strategies and plans relating to coastal resource and environment management, climate change adaptation and disaster risks management.
  4. Collecting, updating and managing database which supports for coastal resource and environment management, focusing in project areas of MCD
  • Building and developing capacity of coastal resource management
  1. Raising awareness of local communities, training to raise capacity of coastal resources management, such as integrated coastal management, co-management, marine conservation zone and biosphere diverse, ecological services… for staffs and partners of MCD.
  2. Cooperating with related scientists and managers to create network to link personals, organizations, volunteers to support coastal resources management activities.
  • Advocating coastal resources management policies
  1. Organizing or participating thematic researchs relating to coastal resources and environment management as the base for MCD to support the government and community in this field, and provide feedback information to policies of coastal resource management.
  2. Documenting all activity results, experiences and practical lessons about applying coastal management methods, especially the method of community base management that promoting discussion and sharing, and integrating these results, experiences and lessons into resource and environment management policies.
  3. Sharing experiences in building and operating sustainable coastal resources management at local level models and replicating to other project areas.
  • The remarkable achievement and main results:
  1. Supporting to build and complete the model of Ran Trao marine ecosystem protected zone in Khanh Hoa which is the first marine protected zone at local level in Vietnam
  2. Promoting to spread out the model of marine protected zone at local level in coastal provinces that has contributed to develop Vietnam marine conservation zone network.
  3. Promoting to approach The Biosphere Reserves in Vietnam by supporting inter-provincial management mode in Red River Biosphere Reserve, and managing to adapt to climate change in Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve that has contributed to promote model of Biosphere Reserve management to become one of resources management approaches adapting to climate change in Vietnam.
  4. Contributing to build policies relating to community – based resources management and livelihood development in Vietnam.
  5. Contributing to promote applying the new approach of integrated coastal zone resources management, marine spatial planning, co-management… in suitable way to present conditions in Vietnam.

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