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News and events

Blue Lighthouse Volunteer Recruitment – Round 2

07. 02. 2014 News and events

On October 24th 2013, 40 candidates participating in round 2 of Blue Lighthouse’s second volunteer recruitment had an unforgettable experience during the debate challenge at the Centre of Marinelife Conversation and Community Development (MCD).

Through the careful selection process, MCD faced great difficulty choosing the best 40 candidates to continue to the next round of Blue Lighthouse’s second recruitment – Debate round. The purpose of this round is to evaluate team-work skills and the personal ability of candidates through debate activities. Debate requires critical-thinking processes and the ability to express personal thoughts after information collection, analysis, systematizing, and arrangement.

Based on these features and MCD’s characteristics, candidates were divided into 4 groups corresponding to 4 specialized departments: Research and Assessment, Coastal Resource Management, Community Development, and Communication and Advocacy. After that, each group debated one topic related to the field they applied to.

Not only was it a great opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their thinking, communication, and presentation skills, but it was also a chance for them to understand more about MCD and its activities. “MCD hopes that the candidates who are not lucky enough to become Blue Lighthouse members continue cooperating with MCD to contribute youthful energy to the process of coastal environment protection and climate change response. Many other projects, campaigns and events are waiting for you,” Mrs. Trieu Thuy Ha said.

Some pictures of the event:

At 9a.m., the candidates gathered and prepared for the new challenge

MCD communication staff explained the debate rules

After 5 minutes of making friends, all groups discussed and assigned detail tasks

Body language was important.

The results of debate round of the second recruitment of Blue Lighthouse program will be officially announced on MCD’s Fanpage and Website on October 25th, 2013.

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