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News and events

“2013 Summary and MCD 2014 Planning” conference

11. 02. 2014 News and events

On 17th of January 2014, MCD organized event “2013 summary and MCD 2014 Planning” in Hanoi, with the participation of MCD’s staff from Hanoi and other locals. In the event, all of MCD’s staff had a chance to look back 2013 and evaluated the development of MCD in terms of human resources, finance, partners; assessed the effectiveness of activities in 2013, as well as achievements and shortcomings. Besides, plans and methods for activities in 2014 of the committed projects, as well as organization developmental activities were designed and planned specifically.  Based on the presented assessments and reports, comments and proposals were introduced to enhance administrative system, coordination, and improve operational effectiveness of the organization, as well as the project areas in 2014.

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