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Online Contest “Spread blue actions – Reduce plastic waste”

16. 04. 2020 article

Online Contest


In responding to the Earth Day of April 22, a day to mobilize the entire population to raise awareness and take action to protect the values of the global natural environment, the Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD) cooperates with the People’s Committee of Ha Long City and its Natural Resources and Environment Division and Youth Union to organize an online contest of “Spread Blue Actions – Reduce Plastic Waste”. This activity aims at enhancing the community’s awareness and knowledge of plastic waste pollution, promoting and spreading practices and initiatives to minimize plastic waste, and contributing to environmental protection for the sustainable development of Ha Long Bay.

The contest is an activity of the project “Lessons learnt from demonstrated Municipal Plastic Waste Management in World Heritage Ha Long Bay, Vietnam” that is funded by USAID through the MWRP managed by DIG. The project is implemented by MCD in cooperation with the local partners in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province, from 2018 to 2020. The project aims to improve the effectiveness of plastics waste collection, sorting and treatment processes in Ha Long Bay’s coastal area, thereby contributing to reducing pollution of plastic waste of the UNESCO World Heritage Ha Long Bay marine environment.  The contest also receives some meaningful support from the initiative “Youth led initiatives to support MCD in raising awareness of key stakeholders on Marine Plastic Waste for Ha Long Bay World  Heritage” funded by Dow Chemical Vietnam.

This Online Contest is an adaptive innovation in the context of prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pandemic, which limits physical interactive activities.

Rules for the online contest


1. Purpose:

  • Responding to Earth Day 22/4, a day to mobilize the entire population to raise awareness and take action to protect the values of the global natural environment.
  • Enhancing the community’s awareness and knowledge of plastic waste pollution.
  • Promoting and spreading practices and initiatives to minimize plastic waste.
  • Contributing to environmental protection for the sustainable development of Ha Long Bay.

2. Rules and conditions of participation for the competition:

  • Time: Deadline for product submission: 00h00 May 15th, 2020; Deadline for interactive scoring on Facebook: 00h00 May 20th, 2020.
  • Candidates: The contestants will be individuals or groups consisting of citizens living and working in Quang Ninh or Hanoi with concerns about environmental protection, especially plastic waste reduction.
  • Contest products: Initiatives to reduce solid waste, especially plastic waste in domestic and public areas, presented in the form of short videos or photo and documentary slide shows. The content must express: the purpose, target, location, time of the initiative, the activities and the achieved results. The initiatives that can be applied in the coastal area of Ha Long Bay are prioritized.
  • Formality of participation
  • Candidates please answer the questions, fill out the registration form and attach the contest product to the link: https://forms.gle/SWYhprd56RwphGp4A
  • Within 24 hours after the contestant’s products have been received, they will be posted on the Fanpage (link: https://www.facebook.com/MCDbluesolutions/) by the organizers and the responds will be sent via email to the contestant attached a link to the product posted on Fanpage; the contestants can use such links to mobilize interactions & supports from their friends and relatives.
  • Submission regulations:
  1. Video footage, slides, materials must be original. It must be collected and edited by the contestants themselves, not copied on the internet or from any previous contest.
  2. Submissions must be clear, not shaking too much with a maximum duration of three minutes, full HD video quality; The file must be designated to the following formats: MP4, PNG, and IMG.
  3. The submission will be posted by the organizers as first comes first posted and then can be voted for accordingly.
  4. The organizers are not responsible for entries that infringe the copyright. Consequently, in the event of copyright infringement, the organizers will not interfere with any copyright disputes regarding submissions from the contestants. The contestants themselves will bear the legal burden of copyright violations. 
  5. Submissions must contain healthy content, not violating the law or contrary to the fine customs and practices. The organizers reserve the right to remove entries without notifying the contestants, should their work violate the aforementioned criteria.
  6. Any form of fraudulent support found in the social media support, such as likes of the photo/video, will lead to disqualification by the organizers, and the products will be deleted from the album without explanation and without notice.
  7. The decision of the Organizing Committee is final.
  8. All activities must comply with the government’s requirements for prevention and control of Covid-19.

3. Scoring methods

  • Scoring method: 50% from the interaction on fanpage and the remaining 50% will be decided by the judges.
  • 1 point is awarded for each interaction (likes and other reactions).
  • 2 points for each comment; each share accounted for 3 points.
  • The 10 most interactive and sharing submissions by 24h00 on 20/5/2020 will be sent to the judges.

4. Prize structure:

Total value of prizes: 18,500,000 VND + gifts from the organizers, in it:

  • 1 A prize worth 5,000,000 VND;
  • 2 B prizes, 3,000,000 VND each;
  • 3 C prizes, 1,500,000 VND each;
  • 3 auxiliary prizes, 1,000,000 VND each.

The winning entries will be posted on the official media channel of the organizers.

5. Rights and responsibilities of participants

  • Participants can be individuals or groups
  • Each participating individual / group is encouraged to submit a variety of initiatives
  • Each individual / group will receive only 1 prize
  • All acts of copying existing researches and articles, using materials, figures or information without sources or violating copyright are strictly prohibited. If found to be in violation, the registration form will be removed unconditionally from the competition and from any tournament proposals.

6. Rights and responsibilities of the organizers

  • The organizers are responsible for informing the winning individuals / groups
  • The organizers have the right to use the information and images of participants without paying any fees related to copyright.
  • The organizers are responsible for protecting the privacy of the participants of this contest if required
  • The organizers are responsible for ensuring that all activities are in compliance with the government’s requirements for prevention and control of Covid-19.

7. Contact Information:

Kieu Trang – Communication Officer

  • Phone: 0965981995
  • Email: lktrang@mcdvietnam.com

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